Faja Blues

by Cassavetes

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Claude Debussey once said, “Music is the space between the notes.” On Faja Blues, the second full-length from Atlanta’s Cassavetes, you can hear exactly what he meant. Honest and unassuming, Faja Blues, with its’ Wes Anderson-like attention to detail, illustrates once again that the balance between loose and meticulous is indeed the epitome of cool.

Robbie Horlick, songwriter and voice of Cassavetes, with a lineup of amazing Atlanta musicians (inc. members of Athens post-rock masters Maserati and Atlanta stoner metal upstarts Wizard Smoke), recorded Faja Blues at the Living Room, Atlanta’s infamous analog studio, and it has clearly beneted
from the historic surroundings that proved developmentally crucial to success for area favorites like The Black Lips, Mastodon, Coathangers, and The Selmanaires. Though, as is true of most bands from Atlanta, Cassavetes don’t sound anything like their peers.

Continuing on the trajectory started in 2006 on Cassavetes’ first LP Funny Story (Headphone Treats), Cassavetes’ Faja Blues, released on Goodnight Records, with its’ unique brand of Psychedelic Americana – think: Barrett meets the Boss, Costello meets Kraut – is evolved yet refreshingly simple. And that’s due in no small part to Horlick’s vocal style and lyrical directness. Instead of hiding behind layers of bad poetry and double entendre, Horlick speaks plainly – but about odd things (“Are your feet made of re, and your legs made of wood?”). The emotional bravery of the lyrics is enunciated by Horlick’s singing style, which could be described as bumbling and fractured, but courageous enough to tackle unpleasant personal truths. He’s like a character in a John Cassavetes film– direct, but not easily understood.

Cocooned in the cinematic sweep of the band’s music, which is gorgeously produced, tightly played, and arranged with a surprising wit, the result is an album that sounds fresh, original, and experimental without even trying.


released August 24, 2010

Cassavetes - Faja Blues

Recorded January and February 2009 by Ed Rawls and Justin McNeight at the Living Room.

Additional tracking and Mixing by Robert Dyson and Daniel Gardner at Wizkid Sound.

Mastered February 2010 by Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse.

Art Direction and Design by Rachel Horlick

All Songs written by Robbie Horlick

Matt Cherry: Bass, Synth, Backing Vocals
Robbie Horlick: Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone, Melodica
Dan Nadolny: Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Sean Sawyer: Drums, Backing Vocals, Flute, Piano

Additional Vocals on If I Had Eyes, Stay Asleep and Sleep Better, and I Dreamed I Had a Heart Attack by Leigh Anne Miller



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Cassavetes Atlanta

Barrett meets the Boss, Costello meets Kraut

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Track Name: Young Hearts
YOUNG HEARTS: what's so bad about everlasting love? / what's so awful with holding you above? / why on earth would we fall in love? / why shouldn't we last forever? / why shouldn't our love grow? / why on earth would you want to go? / when we were young hearts, and when we were crying / when we were special, and hermits and dying / trapped in a fortress of motherless solitude / we were the verbs in our sentences / religion in a time of love / oh we asked, "how could the world keep on spinning?" / oh, we asked, alright. / what does a man know about a woman? / what do women know about men? / why on earth does it all depend?
Track Name: You Know, I'm Writing You A Letter
YOU KNOW, I'M WRITING YOU A LETTER: you know, i'm writing you a letter / to open when you're older / when you get where you're going / wherever you went / you know i'm working on some things / some things are working on me / if it wasn't for some things / i don't know where i'd be / when you go, if you go, i don't know / we're not fussing / we're not fighting / we're not wishing anything away / you can have your friends / you can have your songs / you can have anything you don't wish away.
Track Name: p.s.
Track Name: If I Had Eyes
IF I HAD EYES: i would've looked for you if i had eyes / i would've looked on mornings / i would've looked at night / i'm sure i would've found something i liked / if i looked on mornings and i looked on nights / if you hadn't died / i would've found you / it would've been alright
Track Name: Hugh, That's Another Story
HUGH, THAT'S ANOTHER STORY: i'm not trying to be cold / not trying to say no / not trying to be home at any time / i'm not leaning on the wall / not looking at you at all / not trying to be cool or anything / i'm not scared of what could come / not scared of looking dumb / not scared i'll get exactly what i want / not scared of anything / not scared of more than that / not scared of anything / you, that's another story / and when you came you said you're gonna be as honest as you can / i wanna know exactly how you mean
Track Name: Stay Asleep And Sleep Better
STAY ASLEEP AND SLEEP BETTER: we're getting older / look over your shoulder / if not over the hill, then where push the boulder? / we're singing torch songs / we're singing swans / we're putting out fires that are already gone / ask the angels / invite the saints / challenge the scales when they pronounce your weight / is your head on tight? / is your heart tucked in good? / are your feet made of fire, and your legs made of wood? / isn't the reason we do what we do / so we're too busy to notice we're no longer new / ba da da da da / don't believe everything that you hear / that much should already be clear / i know just what you're going through / i've been there before / but i still don't know what to tell you to do / we're getting older / look over your shoulder / if not over the hill, then where push the boulder? / let's call a truce between / this song and truth / let's make a pact to see this thing through.
Track Name: People Get Old (Older People)
PEOPLE GET OLD (OLDER PEOPLE): old people, never got to be one / old people, wish i could've been one / people get old / older people / young people, don't know what they're missing / young people, always wanna stay one / people get old / older people / old people, never got to be one / old people, always wanna leave one / people get old / older people
Track Name: I Dreamed I Had A Heart Attack
I DREAMED I HAD A HEART ATTACK: i dreamed i had a heart attack / a sneaking, scathing sneak attack / it came not from the front or back / it came without the slightest tact / tiny towns buried by flood / tiny rivers damned for good / since i had the dream it seems / i haven't trusted my own blood / what arsenals does time possess? / what weapons will make nighttime's mess? / what sentinels are standing guard? / it's not the questions that are hard / i don't believe that anything's wrong / and i got no problem just hanging on / this isn't real life / but this isn't wrong / i only complain in my songs.